Of Fanfiction & Creating Space, 2018-2019

Undergrad thesis project

Abstract and excerpts

Multimedia project

This work was for my undergrad thesis at OCADU with a focus on fanfiction/fandom.


The politics surrounding fandom—marketing and consumption, radical understandings of sexuality, positioning and inclusivity, among many more issues—inform the decisions that go into the final product of any transformative work. As a result, the fanfiction genre is often a productive space for representation through its racialization, queering, and disabling of established popular narratives. Within highly collaborative communities, fanfiction traditions allow for unconventional modes of creative writing.

As a long-time participant in fan communities, remix culture and transformative work (like fanfiction) has made an incredible impact, not only on me personally, but my professional practice. As such, I decided to dedicate my work and research to this topic.

Selected images from the project

During the second semester of my thesis year, I decided to use 11 of my fanfics from NaNoWriMo to revise into original fiction. What was produced was my first ever original novella, Unconventional Rules, a collection of short stories made with the support of intersecting fan groups. The accompanying installation, [Fanfiction] Reading Corner, is a reading space that encourages viewers to sit and read Unconventional Rules and/or any of its supplementary materials.

Both of these works were exhibited in the following shows:

Associated Work

Unconventional Rules (2019)
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Kuroko no Chapbook (Coming soon!) →

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