The briefest history

A queer, neurodiverse creative. Combining publishing, design, and general nerdiness into a multimedia practice.

My creative writing and copy editing skills are supplemented by a background in 2D print, book, and web design. I often insert feminist politics into my work and enjoy being involved in fan-related endeavours.

I also love zines, memes, and emojis  ( >‿)b

They/She. Based in Toronto, Canada.

Other Works

Here is a list of other activities and works I have taken part in:

  • Journal of Visual Critical Studies (2019): Author/Contributor
  • Karasuno First Years Zine (2018): Co-Moderator, lead on book design
  • Point 5 (2017): Marketing lead, editor/contributor


  • Art: [Fanfiction] Reading Corner
  • Writing: Kuroko no Chapbook
  • Design: Jercy Dee brand update
  • Activism: Artivism OCADU
  • Curriculum Vitae

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